Monsters in the Hallway is a captivating ride through dark and taboo activities going on in a small community. The beauty of this story is both in its engaging tempo and its outstanding illustration of human resilience—and what is truly required to face ‘monsters.’”

—Jill Wiedemann-West, CEO, People Incorporated Mental Health Services


“Truth is stranger than fiction.  That old saying rings true in Monsters in the Hallway by Eau Claire native Jim Kosmo, although the lines between fact and fiction are intentionally blurred…”
—Eric Lindquist, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram
“A dark truth, a message of hope.  Murder kicks off Bayport author’s novel, but story reveals childhood secrets.“
Stillwater Gazette
”It’s not a memoir.  It’s actually a memoir wrapped inside a murder-mystery novel.  It’s about the molestation and killing of a Boy Scout, the hunt for a prime suspect who escaped an asylum, an Eau Claire detective determined to find the killer, and a heroic boy named Jason Korsen who knows the true identity of the killer.”
—Rueben Rosario, St. Paul Pioneer Press
“As his words poured out, it became even clearer that he had to share this piece of his life.  It wasn’t just for his own sense of freedom:  He also hopes it will free others who’ve encountered similar demons in their lives.”
—Marie Anthony, Volume One magazine
Monsters in the Hallway is one of those books that will keep you captivated till the very last page.  I would recommend to all readers.  It is well written, easy to read, and the author has clearly done his research.”
—Carol Hoyer for Reader Views
“Usually, I feel long backstories delay plot development.  This book was different.  These backstories were interesting and necessary.  They allowed me to witness how unfeeling, ruthless humans can impact on a person’s psyche.  This was vital for the development of the murderer’s character, and in turn, the plot.  It has a gripping storyline, amazing characters, and a well-developed background.”
—Kelebogile Mbangi, Official Review for
“I loved this book for many reasons.  It was a great and suspenseful read.  It was filled with history…it was an insightful description of the lives of those who experienced mental illness and their families…highly recommend as a suspense novel.”
—Marge, Amazon review
“A thrilling story that keeps you in suspense.  Kosmo writes in such a way that you will feel like a personally affected member of this small community.”
—John Kriesel, author, speaker, radio personality
“A suspenseful story of small town life, the stigma of mental illness, and the struggles police detectives faced in an era before Internet databases and DNA testing…the characters and plot are captivating and wholly believable. It’s a ‘don’t want to put it down’ kind of book—well researched and well written.
—Aimee Bissonette, attorney
“The suspense of a frightening murder in a small community will keep you turning pages, but it’s the strength of a boy that makes the story memorable.”
—Erick E. Larsen, Deputy Chief of Police (retired), Eau Claire Police Department
“It is a great book and I enjoyed all the places reference in Eau Claire.  In particular, the Karmel Korn Shop which my parents owned.”
—Sylvia House, Eau Claire